State Of Digital Marketing: 9 Key Trends You’ll Need To Know In 2016



If 2015 was the year of video marketing, then 2016 is the year of digital marketing. According to a Gartner survey, 98% of marketers no longer see digital as a distinct approach from other marketing practices. Digital marketing is now the context for all marketing.

For marketers and those who are new to the industry, what does this all mean? To try to help people make sense of the digital marketing landscape, LUMA Partners has identified nine key trends youll want to know about digital marketing and the industry itself:

Increasingly, marketers are looking for more effective ways to deliver the right message to the right person at the right time. From marketing cloud giants to startups, the key focus is providing marketers with solutions that will help optimize the customer experience.

This means using Predictive Analytics to enable the right message at the right time, and Identity to enable the delivery of the message to the right consumers on whichever devices they are on.

The growing demand for customer experience optimization has been the driving force behind personalized marketing advancements in the last five years or so. Personalization tools used to be very manual and, ironically, generic, but one-to-one personalization has become a reality today.

When a customer makes a purchase, for example, this opens up even more channels for marketing, such as email marketing. But instead of just sending out blast emails as in the past, marketers can now deliver triggered emails with more personalized content and optimized send times for each individual consumer. This ultimately improves customer engagement and helps to increase the customer lifetime value. Whats even better is that todays technologies have enabled marketers to do personalized marketing at scale.

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